Are Push Notifications Enough?

I got reading an article about the opt-in rates for push announcements from a source I found about social media. I won’t mention virtually any names or who executing the survey. At the time of this writing, the particular survey made claims how the average opt-in rates regarding push notifications are to 43 percent. This is not good news I wanted to read. I have plenty of compassion for apps. I do believe this has little effect on very good of apps and if you may get an app created the fact that audience will like we have won.

With the amount of apps around the marketplace, we have so much at the fingertips that on average many smartphone users have 2-3 apps downloaded to their products. With the heavy usage with social media, it is estimated that half of those visitors is coming from mobile devices. They are saying that business apps are generally not as popular as sport apps. That is so genuine and game downloads are generally huge. This is a big industry and real money for someone who would like to get into this field. The particular stats are there to demonstrate it, simply go to the software package stores and the downloads usually are huge on popular activity apps.

This raises our question that since enterprise apps are not as well-liked as game apps, it’s the place to be for application marketers. Business apps have got less competition. This can be very rewarding since the market is 99% untapped. I also want to point out that numerous businesses do not have an software. It’s great for business which often. Many business owners are using social media marketing and find the need for apps certainly not important. This is not understanding what software can do or they don’t realize they are available for business.

I think work at home missing out on a large market share simply by not having an app. Once you give something away similar to a free app, your customers is often more loyal to you. It’s because the business enterprise owner is showing clients they care about them. Mobile phone users want information and they also want it now. Most blog have push notifications integrated the app. This is a well known feature and if a business makes use of this for promotions, any 43 percent open level is still better than average.

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