Attaching Magnetic Clasps To A Tote Bag

Any tote bag is a huge bag that women carry. These kinds of bags are larger than bags and they don’t have compartments inside of to carry different items like mobile phones in a different drawer, cosmetics in a different pocket, coins in a different one particular and so on. These bags please have a single compartment in which every item can be carried. Usually, these kinds of bags can be used to carry various sorts of things. For example , if you are going to outdoor, you can carry your sun glasses, sunscreen lotion and a smaller towel inside. Tote hand bags have handles, but simply some come with zips to help keep things secure.

If you have any tote bag that does not have a very zip, you can make your case secure by attaching permanent magnetic clasps. Magnetic clasps are typically used in jewelry making to keep the product secure. They are easy to close up and easy to open. In fact , these are great for individuals with muscular dystrophy, arthritis and other conditions that will affect the mobility of the palms. Their closing power will be strong and this is the reason, these are the basic perfect choice for move bags as well. In this article, you will look at how to attach magnets clasps to a tote. First of all, you must sew a canopy for your magnet. Choose a cloth that is the same color or perhaps has a similar print as the tote bag. Cut out a pair of pieces that is big adequate to cover the Magnetic Bracelet Clasps. The fabric must be large enough to allow sewing as well.

Sew the 1st side of the clasp and after that the other side. Once you have made them, you must create a couple pockets on both sides in the bag to contain the clasps. These pockets must be modest just to contain the clasps. It is possible to drop the clasps inside the pockets and sew typically the pockets to secure often the magnetic clasps. Alternatively, it is possible to glue the two clasps for the tote itself. Use solid glue or adhesive functions for fabrics.

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