BBC Bitesize – A unfastened study guide provider

BBC Bitesize is a loose on-line study guide carrier for school-elderly kids within the united kingdom. it’s far designed to help youngsters with both their college paintings and assessments. It become launched in 1998 below the slogan that it makes revision less complicated to digest.

at first this system simplest included the middle subjects of English, science and arithmetic. these have been selected from the English Key degree One, and three curriculum, as well as the GCSE curriculum. in the end the Scottish curriculum could be incorporated into the program and, greater these days, the Welsh curriculum.

The site makes use of revision publications, flash games, path notes, quizzes and appearing actors. The path notes at the internet site explain the important thing reality which are vital to research and are supported with the aid of illustrations and diagrams. to add to this the BBC also produces a chain of books, DVDs and CDs, in addition to a tv provider, through its BBCi feature.

The English segment of the BBC Bitesize website is cut up into four elements; Key level One, Key degree , Key degree three and GCSE. the key level One website online covers both numeracy and literacy. the key degree two web page covers English, technology and mathematics. Key stage 3 covers the identical subjects as Key stage two but with similarly subcategories. those consist of Shakespeare, algebra and human biology, as an example. below those are different regions for revision.

The GCSE site is even more complex than the first three. This covers extra topics, together with art and design, enterprise research, layout and technology, French, German, Spanish, Geography, history, track, non secular studies and physical schooling. TheĀ GCSE Computer Science compulsory topics of English, technology and mathematics are nevertheless blanketed in great element and are accompanied by means of many studying aids.

The Scottish segment of the BBC Bitesize web page is split into sections; wellknown Grades and Highers. The web site protecting standard Grades seems at twelve one of a kind subjects. those are arithmetic, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Geography, history, French, modern-day studies, spiritual studies, Computing research and bodily schooling.

The Highers web page covers the identical topics, handiest in lots more detail. additionally covered is the Scotland only subject of Scottish Gaelic. there’s additionally a segment for Gaelic students to observe with, referred to as Gaidhlig. however, now not all subjects at the curriculum are included, as an example Economics or commercial enterprise control.

The Welsh section of the BBC Bitesize website covers 4 subjects. these are mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Welsh language. there is also an additional resource that has been installation to allow non-Welsh college students to analyze Welsh as a 2d language. The Welsh phase is the most latest improvement at the site and continues to be in the method of being built.

there has been some criticism of the BBC Bitesize website in spite of it being this type of easy system. The laptop studies device, for instance, is taken into consideration by means of many to be out of date. there is additionally criticism from Scotland and Wales that their curriculum aren’t protected in sufficient detail. A similar complaint is that the web page’s use of cartoons is patronizing and aesthetically unappealing.

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