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512×512 Dream League Soccer Kits 2018

2018 dream league soccer kits

Dream league soccer is soccer game which every football lover wants to play. Because dream league soccer has many cool features and options, so every football lover loves dream league soccer 2018 game. When you play this game, you feel that you are playing football in real life. It is near to reality game. You can choose your own and favorite football players in your dream club.


Dream league soccer allows you to change your club kits. So, you can easily change dream league soccer kits by creating your own dls kits. If you want to make some custom kits, then you have to select 512×512 pixels size. The kit format must be .png because another format does not support. But if you are not able to create your own custom kits than you can download 2018 dream league soccer kits and change the kit of your dream team. Every team has 3 kinds of kits.


  1. Home Dream League Soccer Kits


  1. Away Dream League Soccer Kits


  1. Third Dream League Soccer Kits


  1. Goalkeeper Home Dream League Soccer Kits


  1. Goalkeeper Away Dream League Soccer Kits


  1. Goalkeeper Third Dream League Soccer Kits



  1. Home Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


Dream league soccer home kits are the main and primary kit for every team. Because every team usually use this kit in there most matches. So, team club tries that their main home kit is very attractive and beautiful. Most of the time home kit matches with the club logo or club official flag. On the home kit, there are some official sponsors logos and tags.


  1. Away Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


Away kit uses as the secondary kit or as an alternative kit. teams mostly wear this kit when they are playing on the opposition team ground. This kit color matches with the secondary color of the team official log and flag. Some teams away kits are more beautiful and colorful than the team home kit.


  1. Third Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


Third kits are used in very rare games. the team did not wear these kits in routine. These kits are also beautiful and awesome. But the fans did not know too much about these kits.



  1. Goalkeeper Home Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


Goalkeeper home dram league soccer kits are different from the whole team. But the goalkeeper kits are more attractive and beautiful than other teams. Goalkeeper wears the unique kit and has a very attractive stuff. Goalkeeper gloves are also included in goalkeeper kit.


  1. Goalkeeper Away Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


Goalkeeper away dream league soccer kit of every team is different from the whole team. Every goalkeeper wears away kit when he is not playing the match on his home ground. Goalkeeper away kit of every club is very charming and colorful.


  1. Goalkeeper Third Dream League Soccer Kits 2018:


The third kit goalkeeper is a kit which is not used regularly. This kit is designed for goalkeeper of the club team. But it is not used in many times.


If you do not like the logo of your dream football club than you can also change the logo of your dream football club to your own custom logo. There are hundreds of logos available online.

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