E-Trans and DEEP E-Bidding Portals for Electronic Biddings and E-Reverse Auction

Start from scratch in the post-independence interval, the power sector of The indian subcontinent has indeed evolved to get one of the most diversified energy industries of the world. Its compliance with all the gradual advancement in systems and adopting effective as well as advantageous measures has brought that to this stature.

The online net portals named Contratacion electronica and also DEEP (Discovery of Successful Energy Price) have been manufactured by the Rural Electrification Corporation Tranny Projects Company Limited (RECTPCL), a subsidiary of REC Ltd. Their launch concurs with the transition of the handbook auction process to an digital mode for determining smallest bids on projects plus aims at enhancing transparency, good play, and uniformity inside the power transmission sector, simply by initiating a nationwide inventory process.

The move furthermore welcomes bids from the privately owned and public sector organizations to engage in inter-state strength transmissions projects. The STRONG e-Bidding portal allows a moment period of 1-5 years for choosing power. Earlier this time extended only from one day to just one year. However , this time the particular facility has been prolonged intended for long-term power purchase over and above five years. The primary purpose as to why the time period stands expanded from 1-5 years happens because the complete bidding process along with cost of procuring power will be expected to be cut down significantly, which may significantly benefit the ending consumer.

To facilitate the method, and make the tariff centered reverse auction a successful undertaking, a mobile application technological innovation was developed in the name regarding “TARANG”. It will be based on the collections of coal sector to get enabling better price finding for the new projects. Typically the App Tarang (Transmission Software for Real-Time Monitoring in addition to Growth), is a powerful system that assists in the traffic monitoring of upcoming new tranny projects and efficiently displays the progress and regarding Intra and Inter Declares Transmission Systems spread throughout the nation. It is pioneered by way of a regulated and defined contract price mechanism as well as a Tariff Centered Competitive Bidding Route. Often the app also provides information about transmission projects that are delayed/ not completed on time and as well highlights the factors which can be causing a hindrance inside their completion.

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