Glass Window Security Through The Vistabrik

For commercial, architectural and institutional projects, the most typical and affordable method to install glass home windows is to apply insulated glass system and single glass pane is structured with aluminum or perhaps a vinyl framing system.

However, in order to save regular maintenance and repairing costs on window and wall system and also to safeguard your home from graffiti, mischief, gun shots, harsh weather, fire and noise. The answer may be the Vistabrik selection of solid Atlanta Privacy & Security Window Film of glass window security from Pittsburgh Corning.

The Reason Why That The Vistabrik, Glass Window Security Is Broadly Acclaimed Are:

Bullet resistant- Being tested under two opposites, it consists of 3″ thick glass for combating ruthless released from weapons including.357 magnum revolver bullets and 9mm.

Slash graffiti along with other damages -The graffiti and deliberate sabotaging of property could be lessened with “non-stick” glass surface. Undesirable entry or walk-in could be avoided with 8″ x 8″ x 3″ glass blocks weighing 40 lbs. per sq . ft . cemented together.

Flame resistant – The A grade security of the building which combats fire is possible with these solid glass blocks. Window panels could be made with 45, 60, and 90 minute UL approved fire ratings.

Noise reduction – Lease of the building near to train stations, large mobs and crowded markets, machinery industries, traffic becomes difficult hence leads to poor worker productivity because of distractions. The glass bricks works tremendously by supplying a noise proof calm atmosphere.It features a Seem Transmission Type of 53 having a noise reduction coefficient of.05.

Cut maintenance costs – The all inclusive costs of possession could be economized by saving cost incurred for repairs and maintenance for substitute of glass walls and home windows and fixing hard solid glass within the home windows and walls for growing the sturdiness from the building.

Testimony of famous institutions, commercial and famous architectural places in which the solid glass blocks happen to be broadly used:

Lloyd Hall, Philadelphia is really a famous recreational center installed with solid glass blocks.

The Improved passageway from the Perry Senior High School, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Logan Airport’s parking area, Boston Massachusetts.

The Vistabrik, Glass window security solid glass blocks are broadly employed for jails, detention centers, police stations, courts and places where high security is important.

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