Green Furniture Companies Changing the Industry

Seen of a new “Green” Furnishings trend. I came across companies just lately at the High Pointe advertising eco friendly furniture. Claims are already made that they are an biodegradable company, selling a brand of “green” sustainable wood furnishings that is unique, 100 percent normal and created by skilled carpenters. Also, They are have clubs to the Sustainable Furniture Local authority or council.

What I found interesting has been that some of the furniture pieces were created deep into the Chiang No area of northern Thailand. Each uses different types of sustainable woods: Goof Pod, Farmed Teak Timber and Mango Wood. Each and every wood is first solar dried up and then klin-dried to create stunning pieces of art. If your not aware Environmentally friendly woods are grown particularly for the trade furniture company only using the branches of the Goof Pod trees. This is mostly utilized during the creation of each and every piece, which allows the woods to replenish their arms or legs for years of continued progress. The pieces I knowledgeable include end tables, wall structure panels, tables and benches, stools and display holds, farm teak spa and also decorative accessories.

Each element is beautiful and special. as I said before all of the things that were made from sustainable timber and had beautiful variations in their eyes because of the grains. Also each and every piece had natural unsightly stains with no chemicals. I found that each piece of furniture is palm carved and finished to be able to true works of art. I was advised customers will notice variations in humidity and heat levels resulting in naturally breaks appearing in the grain as time passes. This is normal for this form of furniture and adds to the attractiveness and uniqueness to each product.

I have been looking for other companies that will compare but was simply able to find a rare few. The particular Sustainable furniture council checklist companies that are uses environmentally friendly woods in their furniture also meet LEED standards. Furthermore, eco programs designed to help to make each company as ecofriendly as possible are further getting establised and standards established for companies claiming durability. Natural Fine furnishings fulfills today’s standards of having an eco-friendly Line of Home furnishings.

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