How Do I ship My track to Listeners in 2d life? Shoutcast, Icecast, and Streaming defined

DJs, karaoke music artists, singer/songwriters, and bands can all find a geared up-made, international-extensive, paying target audience in 2nd existence. What all is involved in getting your track streamed into 2nd life?

song in second existence operates on a era called Shoutcast. Shoutcast, along side its open source well suited comply with-on Icecast, is the identical technology that underpins all of internet radio. when you flow your track into 2d lifestyles, you’re basically working your personal internet radio station!


There are numerous links within the chain among you growing your track and the listener listening to your track.

  • you create your music on a laptop
  • a program called a source customer encodes your track for the server
  • a Shoutcast/Icecast streaming server pronounces the music to a couple of 2nd lifestyles viewers
  • the listeners’ 2d lifestyles viewer plays your music for his or her entertainment
    allow’s appearance a little deeper at every level of this manner.

tune advent

again step one inside the chainĀ shoutcast reseller is that your tune must be enter to a pc. if you are DJing from WinAmp, iTunes or different track player, this is already looked after through the music player application. in case you are acting in real-time — together with playing a guitar and singing — you will want to input your overall performance into the pc’s sound card via using a microphone and/or a mixer. Many computer systems have microphones constructed proper into them that would be appropriate, though you may observe an increase in sound satisfactory with a greater state-of-the-art microphone.

supply client

The supply patron is the link among your computer and the net. that is a application or application that runs on your computer. It has basically duties. It creates and keeps a connection to the Shoutcast/Icecast server, and it encodes your tune into the information circulate that the server needs. source customers are to be had each as standalone applications, and as plugins that function along with your music advent application.

Shoutcast/Icecast streaming server

The Shoutcast or Icecast streaming server is a ‘virtual device’ that runs on a laptop. at the same time as you can technically set up the server on your personal computer — even the one you are using because the track advent computer — it’s miles typically inadvisable to do so. The reason for this is that the primary feature of the Shoutcast/Icecast server is to take as an input the unmarried move from your source customer, and redistribute it as any quantity of of streams — one for every listener. every additional listener consumes greater bandwidth. a normal domestic net connection can accommodate just a few such listeners before all of the available or upload/download potential is exhausted.

As such, a Shoutcast/Icecast server is maximum usually rented — as one could rent area on a web host. there are various groups that lease streaming servers for some dollars in step with month. in addition, maximum second life venues have already rented such servers. if you are slated to perform at a given venue, they will most customarily have you employ their existing streaming server.

second lifestyles viewer

The last link within the chain is as much as the second life viewer. each parcel of land in second lifestyles is associated with a song URL. when an avatar steps onto a given parcel, the second one lifestyles sim sends the second one life viewer this tune URL. This URL ought to be the region of your Shoutcast/Icecast streaming server. the second one life viewer then units up a connection to the streaming server. It accepts the movement of your tune from the server, decodes it, and outputs it thru the audio machine of the pc upon which the second one existence viewer is going for walks. in this manner, every listener is able to hear the music you’re making. Your listeners may additionally even be on the other facet of the Earth!

What do I need to get started?

whilst all the portions described above are needed to move your music into second existence, handiest a minimal set is needed to stand up and jogging. the absolute minimal is that you’ll be wanting a tune introduction application and a source purchaser. there are many alternatives available in those categories, each unfastened and commercial. they’re to be had for windows, Mac, Linux, and different systems.

As mentioned above, there are many venues that deliver Shoutcast/Icecast streaming servers on your use. I spent about a year as a 2d existence musician earlier than I decided to rent a flow of my personal.

The last object is the second lifestyles viewer. whilst you do no longer technically need this to circulation into 2d lifestyles, you will need it in any case. in any other case, you’ll discover it hard to connect to venues and fanatics. There without a doubt is not any drawback, as it is free. Plus, 2d life is just a lot of amusing!

Is it for you?

After analyzing the above, you’ll be keen to delve into second life as any other market for your musical endeavors. As you could see, the opportunities are almost countless. similarly, it fees nothing to strive your hand at it — plus, it is just an entire lot of a laugh. no matter what form of musician you will be, there’s another marketplace awaiting you in second existence.

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