How Wood Pellets Are Made

In the following paragraphs we will discuss how solid wood pellets are made. Pellets might be made from many forms of biomass besides wood including document, cardboard, grain, straw, ingrown toenail husks, yard wastes plus more. The process for making pellets coming from all these materials is basically the identical but in this article we will give attention to making wood pellets.

Any pellet is simply material which was compressed into a pellet machine form and held together with any binding agent. With some elements the binding agents are generally naturally occurring but in others they must be added. Before real wood can be made into a pellet it is broken down into tiny pieces like sawdust. To achieve this larger pieces of wood is usually run through a chipper. Many chips are still too large thus a hammer mill enables you to break them down a lot more.

The pellets are made simply by pressing this material into a pellet die. A die is actually a piece of metal that is packed with pellet sized holes. The most notable of the holes are tapered like a funnel so as materials is pressed deeper to the hole it gets squeezed as the hole becomes more compact. The compression and scrubbing heats the pellet along with melts the binding ingredients. As soon as the pellets are extruded out of the other side in the die they cool as well as the binding compounds harden in addition to act like a glue keep pellet together. Some resources like softwood have enough normal lignins in them that work as being a binder. But other materials require some kind of binder added. These are generally usually organic materials similar to vegetable oil, flour and hammer toe starch.

In order for a pellet to form properly the material has to be dry but still have some wetness. Depending on the material it should be somewhere in 10 and 20% water content. In most cases if the substance isn’t already air dried for the proper moisture level it will have to get dried in a dryer. Electric dryers are usually the most energy extensive and costly part of the method so a lot of dryers usually are fired by the mill’s very own pellets. This is a brief synopsis of how wood pellets are manufactured. Making pellets is a little including cooking in that sometimes you must experiment a little to get those to come out just right. Now that small-scale pellet mills are available homeowners and businesses can make their particular pellets for their own warming or to sell.

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