Jewelry Photography Basics

Precious jewelry photography is a specialty design of photography. Most people will use a lightbox, or tent which is just a cube that is build up involving translucent material shaped inside a cube. The translucent substance is used to diffuse tough light to avoid harsh dark areas. But usually what you end up having is super low compare flat lighting. This fashion is most popular with catalog model photography. But if you are looking to produce a stunning photo of a piece you are going to have use a diverse method to create a “beauty” chance as they call it on the market.

Chose a background color, as well as texture to enhance the photograph. For the color you can use any contrasting color from the rocks. Avoid similar colors and also tones as the stone or even color of the gems. Regarding texture, a granite to pick from works pretty good. Or some pebbles, bamboo, and even some props can help enhance the photo to make a scene and something more creatively appealing than your uninteresting white background.

Instead of making use of all softbox light, chuck in some hard light going to stones and make them actually pop. A photographic bling if you will. Mirrors or perhaps silver reflectors can be used as the hard light source as well.The next most important part of jewelry photography los angeles will be depth of field. You need to get the most focus out from the shot as possible. Usually by using a small aperture will do the key. Remember not to zoom too much in as that will furthermore kill your depth connected with field. More than likely you want a contact lens that has macro capabilities. In this way you can get as close as you possibly can to the object with your digicam, keeping you from having to zoom lens in and lose your current deep of field (dof).

White balance is another huge concern when it comes to jewelry pictures, especially with gold. Without having your white balance established correctly your gold will come out a brownish shade and tone. If you encounter this issue you know that you have an excessive amount of blue or green inside your color, and should adjust consequently. Usually setting up a white credit card in the beginning of the shoot is a great idea. And you can reference that to suit your needs source of white point. Direct exposure is also important to keep your rare metal jewelry from turning dark brown. Check your histogram to make sure you happen to be at proper exposure.

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