Manufacturers of LED Lighting

Although we are not the manufacturers involving LED lighting, we have completed extensive research into firms in China and obtained an insight of the functions of different companies. As part of the research we were looking for corporations that not only had a top standard in their products yet were also able to back it up using reasonable warranty periods, end up being easy to communicate with right from 1st contact throughout the sales method up to supply and shipping and delivery and were able to give very good to great service when there were any problems on the way.

One such company, that I include actually purchased LED power supply 24V Lighting effects from, is a company called Shenzhen Glitter Optoelectronic Technology C. Ltd. (from here on reduced to Glitter) This company commenced in 2007 and is constantly looking to improve on what is a great already impressive range of inventory. Glitter have state of the art tests facilities and a clean as well as well kept factory workshop.

Glitter have many various forms of lighting available with LED Section Lights for offices and in addition LED down lights and also tube lights to replace neon lighting. They have recently analysis and developed their own BROUGHT high bay lights for that commercial industry and they also possess special LED tube signals for freezer applications. They will even have the emergency lights area taken care of with their array of Emergency LED drivers.

Glitter glue has also taken care along with an understanding of the Global Industry and in so doing, have got relevant certification to cover the factors in most if not all nations around the world. Glitter has also gone to the particular extent of going that will extra yard with the GUIDED tubes being patented in addition to designed so there is a simply no fuss replacement for the DIRECTED driver if necessary. Glitter, despite the fact that among many manufacturers connected with LED lighting in The far east, have stepped up in some sort of competitive but expanding industry keeping focus on making their particular product better and to stick out where possible.

Two additional LED lighting manufacturers I’m going briefly touch on with various types of lighting to the variations that Glitter supply are usually Jiangsu Dalen Electronic Company. who has a domestic threshold LED light range which can be dimmable and has its own remote device. Their focus is over a product which will hold its in any future installation. Together with extensive R & Deb the Dalen team have fallen up with not only a great-looking product selection, they have over-delivered with capabilities such as anti-glare, insect free of charge and a dimming to sleep function. This is truly a Smart ENCOURAGED ceiling light.

The other No later than this mention is a company called Ledsmaster Technology Co. Ltd. So far as manufacturers of LED light goes, this one pleasantly surprised myself. I was shown their collection of lights during and after a new factory tour and what shocked me were the possibilities having LED lighting. The fact that Ledsmaster have a range of flood, club, UV and street equipment and lighting was impressive. This company got really put in some research then made their product available for home-based or commercial and even professional use.

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