The Best Way to Look Up Movie Times on Your Smart Phone

There is an increasing amount of apps related to movies available for smart phones. You can even go to a theaters website through your browser to look up movie times if you want. Others such as fandango and yahoo both offer movie times through their websites. But , the easiest way is to download an app that will access all the information for every theater in your area. You can search by movie or theater and all the times will pop up for you right then and there. There are two apps that are superior to the others, Flixster and Fandago’s movie application.

Flixster’s app is very easy to use and a cool feature that they offer is the ability to watch previews of the movies right there on your phone. With Flixster you are able to search by film or theater. If you know what movie you want to see you can search for that movie and your phone will pull up all the theaters in your town that are playing that film and a list of what time they are actively playing. If you look up the theater is will show you a list of all of the movies it is currently enjoying and what period they are participating in. They also provide you with information about movies such as rating, reviews, cast members, etc . Flixster even allows you to buy tickets to some of the theaters. Flixster doesn’t stop with movies in theaters. They even have a section for DVDs. You can look up when new DVDs are coming out, reviews, rating, toss members, as well as length of the DVD

Fandango’s application is pretty similar to Flixster’s and is also very easy to use. They allow you to buy ticket instantly over your phone to over 16, 000 theaters. Once you choose which theatre you will be watching your video, mobdro download allows you to get directions to that theatre from your location. You can search for cast members, reviews, top box office stats, and even new films opening dates.

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