The Third Eye and the Heart

The third eye was altogether different from the two physical eyes. It didn’t resemble the physical eyes, and it just looked like skin. In any case, it was mainly an eye, sitting right amidst the temple. Its motivation was to see the Light and the Truth in the heart. It likewise could perceive any mists that were obstructing completely carrying on with that reality in the life of the human. The physical eyes were great at seeing the external world. They could see trees and blooms, rocks and oceans….all the objects of the external world. Be that as it may, it was troublesome for them to see the Light; to see the Divinity in every way. The third eye had an exceptional reason. It was intended to see the Divine.

Be that as it may, at some point, something extremely miserable happened. The third eye fell into neglect. The people disregarded the 3rd eye activator and the third eye neglected to see the Divine. The people began to disregard the Divine. A few people even trusted that there was no such thing as the Divine. The people turned out to be increasingly lost and more miserable. In any case, a peculiar thing started to happen. They thought they were glad. They designed a wide range of things with the goal that they would not understand how dismal they truly were. They concocted TV, radio, shopping, parties, traveling…The truly appreciated every one of the things they created, which was magnificent, yet they neglected to encounter the Divine in those things. They neglected to see the Divine in each other, in the plants, in the garments they wore, even in alternate spots they visited.

In this way, they began doing weird things. They began treating the things they purchased seriously. They would toss them in a corner. When they removed their garments to prepare for bed, they would toss them on the floor. They started to shout at each other because they never again understood that that individual was the Divine, much the same as them. They couldn’t have cared less on the off chance that they hurt the other individual. They had overlooked that somewhere inside the heart, that they were indistinguishable Light from that individual. They began to chop down every one of the trees in the backwoods to make paper and sheets. They didn’t feel the misery of the trees and the earth since they had overlooked how to see the Divine in the trees and the earth.

At that point one day, the third eye in a couple of people began to wake up. In any case, an extremely tragic and weird thing happened, despite the fact that the third eye was beginning to wake up, it had overlooked its motivation; to see the Divine in the heart. Numerous issues were made. The third eye started to see a wide range of things that weren’t real since it had overlooked that the Truth was in the Light in the heart focus. Numerous people started to trust these individuals whose third eye was awakening. The people assumed that since this individual sees more than I do, they should be correct. They didn’t think to ask them where they were getting that data. It appears that nearly everyone had disregarded the Light that holds the Truth, living somewhere down in the heart focus.

At some point, one human remembered.” oh; yeah…I think this third eye should take a gander at the Light in the heart focus”. She had the mettle to start to educate different people what she had figured it out. Different people started to rehearse this, and they understood that she was correct. That it just felt right. That it even felt like maybe they ought to have been doing this from the start; and that, maybe in the event that they had been doing this from the start, life would not have turned out to be so troublesome and difficult. Once the third eye offered itself to the Divine in the heart, an astounding thing happened. By and by, nearly as though the physical eyes and the third eye could see together. The eyes started to see the Divine in all things; totally everything. The eyes, as well as the entire human, turned out to be genuinely upbeat, on the grounds that by and by, it understood that it was not the only one; that it was additionally the Divine and part of everything.

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